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Have you, notice how beautiful the garden?
You see how good it is in the day to rest?
Trees protect their bewitched breeze ..
You surveyed the trail, you endless marches
You're cradles in the waters of an old grief
You reject joys and tears for you .. so loved.
You're here looking through all these years ...
So much suffering !!! This evil, is not feigned ..
One day, if you want, I'll be there to love you ..
One day, my heart will combine love
My being will engage in cross today
My heart will take you away from what hurt you
My whole being will finally take you away
Beyond the dead, beyond the crazy journey
One day, I'll take you in my always ...
Your heart will rock you will see the crossroads ...
My love, my unloved, all tenderness
You'll have to keep you leak your heart
For too many hidden tears, he knows rancor
I walk the jagged paths of your distress
I picture the trails where nothing hurry
I come to you, arms outstretched happiness ...
Open up your door, I can not but fear
I will ... I will take that tenderness ! 
Un excellent moyen de capturer le cœur de votre bien-aimé est à travers des poèmes d'amour. Le monde apprécient les poèmes d'amour bien pensés, doux et beaux.