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******* I love you, that's all !!! *******
It happens this time
I finally love someone !
And that's all....
And now ....
I love you !!! .... You ...
Not because you're nice,
Naughty or rich or poor
Or anything else ....
I love you, that's it .
It does not mean
That I will
The rest of your life with you.
This does not mean
I know make you happy
You'll know that please me ...
It does not mean
I will never hurt you
You never do me wrong
And mutually.
It just means I love you ...
For your being and your soul
And indeed you despite your ....
And you in return ...
You take me with my assets
And despite my assets ....
It just means I love you ....
Sometimes in spite of what you are,
And sometimes because of who you are.
And I know
You love me in return,
Sometimes because of what I am,
And sometimes despite what I am "
I love you that's it !!!!
And I know
That desire is in you
That my desire is you
So much so that tomorrow
I will open my arms,
Despite all the doubts
And we seek ...
We take our love
You ... and you
From me ... and by me
Our bodies will be ....
Whether the party .....
Our hearts have already made ...
I love you ... that's it ... !!!

Un excellent moyen de capturer le cœur de votre bien-aimé est à travers des poèmes d'amour. Le monde apprécient les poèmes d'amour bien pensés, doux et beaux.