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poems♥♥♥ You, me and our frienship ♥♥♥

You, me and our frienship 
There's you, there's me, there's you and me
There we met for months
There we take coffee together
There are all these words where words are shaking
There's you and me and all our giggles
There's this "we" between tears and smiles
It is this mixture of all that our friendship
It is this mixture of me and you in truth
It is this joy still find us
That's the trouble when the other will cry
It is also the peaceful unity of our thoughts
It's also that we keep our freedom
Between us there is perfect communion
Us, respect and communication
Us, tenderness, joy and Support
Between us, affection, tears and death
Us, suffering, peace and quiet
We are going well in life now ...
My friend, the time we woven links
My friend, just live our daily
Girlfriend, remake me another coffee
Come let us drink it in the name of our friendship
You are you, but you're me ... you are us ...
I am me, I am you, I we
There's you, there will still be up in the morning
There's me, there will still be me tomorrow
Our joys, our laughter, our tears are united
Our lives are connected beyond the time
Our hearts, our souls are leaving gaily
In fact, I just want to write to you:
.................................I sincerely love you !!!
poems♥♥♥ You, me and our frienship ♥♥♥