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********** Listen before you sleep ! **********
A sandy beach ... then Paris
I swim in the harbor ... Italy ...
I travel over water .. .Venise
I travel ... I disguise myself breeze .. .
I travel all along the Seine
I come here almost every week
I hasten especially on Sundays
Where boatmen taking their revenge
While dressed girls and women of flowers
Would love to go to Honfleur ....
All aboard leus decorated barges
Look at his hands crossed .. .
In absolute innocence countries
Will open my fingers in silence .. .
That banjos Gulf Stream
Madrid and guitars that come alive
Hear me before you sleep
Listen carefully ... and breathe . .. .
Hear my heart .. wagging .
Listen to my soul that moved
Listening is my song
Listen well my groans ...
They are guardians of my silences
That quiver in your absence . . . . .
Listen before you sleep !

Un excellent moyen de capturer le cœur de votre bien-aimé est à travers des poèmes d'amour. Le monde apprécient les poèmes d'amour bien pensés, doux et beaux.