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Good night my sweet love!
The night is silent !
Night comes gently slip . I stay in the wave of cold air.
Time passes ... passes !!!
The hours pass and I will always seek : I miss you so much!
You're there in the distance .. so far!
I lack you so deep that it upsets me myself ....
I hate everything that separates us from each other.
Then a new day peak . . . and ...
Tomorrow you shall open a finally me your arms. . .
That day when I can get in front of this airplane that will take you to me ... that takes you away your borders ..
This day or night , when you come to love me . . .
My love, my heart lights illuminate the road of our union ... I 'll give you everything you 'll want to give birth in your soul .. true happiness .
I'm waiting for so long!
Stop ... stop this time ....
And it will rise a new day !
Why are not you there ???
Good night my sweet love!

Un excellent moyen de capturer le cœur de votre bien-aimé est à travers des poèmes d'amour. Le monde apprécient les poèmes d'amour bien pensés, doux et beaux.