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Love poem 2014 - best love poems

Love poem 1

That is true season of love. When we believe that we alone can love, that no one can ever have loved so before us, and no one will love in the same way after us.

Love poem 2

So, there's this girl and the way she smiles makes me smile, her voice makes my heart skip a beat and whenever I see her, I get butterflies.

Love poem 3 

Love poem 2014

Remember the night I said Hi?
Talk to you even I feel shy.
Looking for some words in the sky,
Till I found: “Just give it a try.”

Ten or fifteen years it has been,
How long since the day we've last seen?
In my fantasy I can’t lean,
It’s hard when I just imagine.

Love was the topic of that night,
I listen to make you feel light.
I answer things with all my might,
Hoping somehow you feel alright.

Hearing you cry breaks me inside.
I hate I can’t be at your side.
Stay until those heart pain subside,
Wipe your tears whenever you cried.

Please don’t let those looks bothers you,
‘Cause ‘love’ don’t care about that too.
I’ll be here till you make it through,
Until you see the perfect you.

Who says you are not beautiful?
Him, who makes your love like a tool?
I don’t have rights to say this whole.
It’s okay if you call me fool.

If I can whisper this “cupid”.
I will tell to shot you indeed.
In my life you’re all that I need.
The one whom I want to be with.

I don’t care if I don’t have chance,
I will be just one of your fans.
As long as your smiles never runs,
I will be happy with your glance.

I want to make her a letter,
And read while I'm holding her there.
In place I want to be with her,
Under this sweet Eiffel Tower.

I love you in your simplest way,
See those nice smiles that makes me stay,
I hope that, when time was okay.
Face me and say yes on That Day.