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C'est dur d'être loin de toi,
de ne plus entendre ta voix.
C'est difficile d'avoir toujours
un manque en soi et de se forcer
à sourire pour ne pas pleurer.
C'est atroce de se dire que
jamais tu ne reviendra,
et que jusqu'à mon dernier
souffle tu manqueras . . .

I miss you so bad
Your all that i had
I feel so sad
Its almost been a week since we last talked
And i'm still shocked
I feel so locked without you
I don't know what to do
As the days go by i go more insane
Your smile is fading
And i am breaking
My nerves are shaking
I cant keep taking there bullshit
They put me through
That's why i need you
You keep me sain
You take the pain away
That's why i cant wait
Till the day we talk again
I miss you boyfriend
Its weird but lately everything reminds me of you
I haven't stopped thinking
Your on my mind all the time
I'm sitting in my closet
I think i've finally lost it
I'm depressed
I'm far from my best
I haven't been able to rest
My temper is high
I try to keep calm
Because i know that's what you'd want me to do
But its getting harder to do what you want
I argue more with them
Since you and i haven't spoken
I'm really broken without you
Its impossible to go on
For this long without hearing your voice
That sweet noise
The things you tell me
I cant be myself with anybody else
They say it will only be a day more
But i cant be sure
I don't want to get my hopes high
When i know what there telling me could be a lie
I try to hold on
But i'm really not that strong
I close my eyes
And see the only thing that keeps me going
Its showing me your face your smile
It takes me a while
Before i open them again
Because then i know i'm back to all this
I only have one wish
Why cant it be granted
Even if we could just talk for 5 minutes
I would feel better
I miss us talking in the middle of the night together
I wish that could last forever
I miss you so bad
I swear your all that i really had!.......